Teeth Whitening


Nothing builds trust and confidence quite like a bright smile, and nothing renews your smile better than teeth whitening. At CBD Dental Centre, we offer Opalescence teeth whitening treatments to get your teeth looking their best.  A teeth whitening treatment is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in Australia, and….

How to Prevent Dry Socket after Tooth Extraction


Around 85% of people will undergo wisdom tooth extraction at some point in their life, whilst others may need to have teeth extracted due to infection, damage or decay which is beyond repair. A small number of patients may develop dry socket (alveolar osteitis), which can be painful and may lead….

What causes dry mouth and bad breath?


Around 10% of the population experience ongoing dry mouth and bad breath. Dry mouth syndrome (xerostomia) is a common condition which is typically caused by lifestyle factors, specific medications and the natural ageing process. Whilst it is normal for the salivary glands to produce less saliva as we age, it is….

Restore a Natural Smile with Crowns & Bridges


Human teeth are remarkably strong and resilient, but sometimes accidents, genetics and lifestyle choices can cause teeth to become worn, discoloured and damaged. It is not uncommon for people with damaged teeth to experience a knock in confidence, but there is really no need to despair. Crowns and bridges offer a….

The Importance of Self Care and Diet in Maintaining Oral Health


Life can be busy, but it’s important that we all take a moment to ourselves to nurture our physical, mental and emotional health. Whilst work demands and commitments to friends and family often feel overwhelming, our dental health, daily care routines and diet all contribute to our state of wellbeing and….

Wisdom Teeth – When Should They Be Removed?


The wisdom teeth (molars) typically erupt between age 17 and 25, and this is a normal part of mouth development. For many people, the wisdom teeth can contribute to the development of oral health issues including impaction, infection and overcrowding, which is why wisdom tooth extractions are a common occurrence to….