If your smile has a gap in it we can remedy this with a crown or bridge to return your smile to its original condition. We have twenty years’ experience applying dental crowns and bridges to patients of all ages at our Brunswick dentist. Depending on your individual circumstances, Central Brunswick Dental Centre can advise you on the best course of action when it comes to both bridges and crowns.

A crown is a cover that is used to restore a broken or misshapen tooth. Crowns are used to strengthen and safeguard such teeth from future damage. The application of a crown is most appropriate when teeth have fractured, split into pieces or are missing entirely. During a procedure, a damaged tooth will be filed down to a smaller size. Decaying tooth tissue is removed and the prosthetic is attached to the reshaped tooth using dental cement.

A dental bridge is in essence the same as a crown, only it features multiple prosthetic teeth attached to a metal band. Bridges are used when there are multiple adjacent teeth that are damaged or unsightly. Bridges are attached using the same mechanism as a crown – multiple teeth will be filed down to form a support structure and the bridge will be cemented over these teeth to restore the patient’s smile.

Crowns and bridges are usually made of porcelain or ceramic. The material used to make the crown is colour matched to the rest of the patient’s teeth to give a natural appearance. Crowns can also be manufactured from gold alloys to provide additional strength when molars are replaced. Metal crowns will often have a porcelain sheath attached to their exterior to provide a natural look.

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