Central Brunswick Dental Centre caters to patients of all ages. Whether you, your child or teenager needs a dental check-up we are able to help. Seniors too are most welcome to make an appointment for any general dentistry procedures required. Our dentists are qualified to perform all paediatric dental work, senior dentistry and general check-ups for adults.

Paediatric Dental

If your children need an emergency dental visit then please call Central Brunswick Dental Centre. If a tooth has been knocked out, has chipped or cracked or if your child has experienced a serious toothache then we can help outside of business hours. We can also help your child with teeth straightening, jaw clenching, teeth grinding and mouth breathing during a regular check up. We have refined our demeanour over our many years of experience and our kids always leave the dentist’s chair feeling fresh.

Seniors Dental

Seniors too can expect professional dental care with a smile at Central Brunswick Dental Centre. If you need any cosmetic work done, like crowns, teeth whitening or veneers, or if you need dentures, bridges or any other restorative work completed then Dr Lawrence and Dr Yu will be happy to help with you out with your situation.

If you or your family need a general check-up or any other dental work, please call to make a booking for a consultation with Dr Lawrence or Dr Yu today For our Chinese speaking community, Dr Jacky Yu will be able to provide his service in Mandrain/Chinese. Our dental clinic in Fortitude Valley in inner Brisbane, is open for business Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm. Call us today on 07 3216 1100 to book your first appointment or to schedule a regular check-up with our dentists.