During a general check-up we can diagnose the condition of your oral health, perform a scale and clean and apply a fluoride treatment.

We have the appropriate treatments available for you whenever the condition of your oral health is less than desirable. Our dentists provide the best care to all of our patients using modern technology and techniques to ensure the level of oral care you receive is of a high quality.

We recommend a general check-up twice per year to help avoid any future dental problems. By visiting our dentist regularly you make sure that you are looking after your teeth to the greatest extent possible.

All of our dentists have gone through many years of formal education and clinic training to get to the position they are in today. We provide a high standard of care and ensure that all of our general and family dentistry services are performed under the one roof. This is so your experience visiting the dentist is as convenient as possible.

General Dentistry

If something is noticed during your visit then we will recommend and can perform appropriate treatment to restore your smile to a perfect shape. Root canals, crowns, bridges and invisalign treatments are all available at Central Brunswick Dental Centre.

If you or your family need a general check-up or any other dental work, please call to make a booking for a consultation with Dr Lawrence or Dr Yu today For our Chinese speaking community, Dr Jacky Yu will be able to provide his service in Mandrain/Chinese. Our dental clinic in Fortitude Valley in inner Brisbane, is open for business Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm. Call us today on 07 3216 1100 to book your first appointment or to schedule a regular check-up with our dentists.