The Latest Trends In Dentistry 


As with any field of medicine, dentistry evolves at quite a rapid pace. Dental treatments may seem oblique and ever-present, however, when you consider that adhesive braces were only invented 50 years ago and now lingual (behind-the-teeth) braces and Invisalign treatments are as common as sin, you may gain insight into the constantly-changing nature of the dental industry. There have been a handful of recent developments in dentistry which promise to revolutionise dental practice around the world – we discuss the most innovative of these below. 

Emotional Dentistry 

If this sounds to you like counseling for teeth, you are partially correct. Emotional dentistry is a relatively recent development which attempts to address the mental health issues patients have that may stem from the appearance of their teeth. In practical terms, emotional dentistry refers to the practice of presenting patients with computer-generated before-and-after images of their teeth according to their treatment options. Patients can see what they will look like following a procedure and can decide which course of treatment they want most. Emotional dentistry has shown remarkable effects in calming anxiety before treatment and giving patients confidence in their choice of treatment option. 


This innovative development has recently come to the forefront of the field of dentistry during the COVID-19 pandemic: during lockdowns. Consulting a dentist via a video call proved extremely effective at addressing elementary dental concerns and is still useful for the nearly 30% of Australians who live in rural areas without nearby access to a dental clinic. Teledentistry has been shown to be as effective as regular dental check-ups when diagnosing cavities and prescribing treatment plans. 

3D Printing 

3D printing uses materials like resins to produce (and greatly speeds up) the process of creating custom dentures, crowns, clear teeth aligners, and more. While this field is still evolving, general dentistry, implantology and prosthodontics are all standing to benefit from 3D-printed dental devices. 

Laser Dentistry 

Laser dentistry is fast becoming one of the most-popular tools used in cosmetic dentistry. Fixing cavities and repairing damaged gums used to be invasive and complicated. Now, use of lasers in dental surgery makes these processes far more comfortable and convenient for dentists and patients alike. Laser dentistry allows for less bleeding, little to no pain, faster healing, and a reduced risk of infection. In some cases, laser technology can even replace dental drills to remove or reshape tissue, remove cavities, repair fillings and perform other procedures. 

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