What To Expect During A Filling Treatment


Broken, chipped or cracked teeth and tooth decay can require filling treatment to ensure positive oral health outcomes. Composite or ceramic materials are used to fill problematic holes during filling treatment. The treatment is relatively non-invasive, yet cab require a local anesthetic. The risks of a filling treatment are relatively low-key. The procedure can be performed by a local dentist with professional certification. 

Why Would I Need a Filling? 

Teeth can crack, chip or break when exposed to strong pressure or impact. While in some cases a dentist can adhere teeth material back together, sometimes there are not enough fragments to piece together and a filling material must be used to restore the tooth. Furthermore, if poor oral health standards are maintained, for example, a patient maintains an infrequent brushing and flossing routine, tooth decay can set in to the point that the patient requires a filling. 

How is a Filling Procedure Performed? 

Tooth decay is the most prevalent reason for requiring a filling procedure. In these cases, a dentist may apply local anesthetic to the area surrounding the tooth before using a dentist’s drill to excavate rotting tooth pulp. Following this, a composite or ceramic filling is moulded and fitted to the excavation site. 

When a tooth is broken, chipped or cracked, assuming missing fragments can’t be retrieved, a dentist will restore the tooth using the following method. A tiny dental saw will be used to neaten up the edge of the tooth before a composite or ceramic filling is moulded and fitted to the site. 

Is a Filling Procedure Safe? 

Filling procedures are associated with minimal risk factors. Anesthetic can sometimes react badly with other medications, so be sure to tell your dentist about any medication you take. Other than this, the procedure is completely safe. Some pain may be felt if local anesthetic is applied before tooth excavation, but following the injection, no pain will be felt.  

How to Care for Fillings 

Following completion of your procedure, be sure to follow your dentist’s instructions regarding eating and drinking. If you have received local anesthesia you may drive home. When you get home, brush and floss regularly and consider using dental mouth wash. Avoid smoking and be sure to wear a mouthguard if you are playing sport! 

Why Choose CB Dental Centre? 

CB Dental Centre places a lot of emphasis on patient care and comfort. Our experienced staff know how to ensure you are relaxed before a dental procedure like the one described above takes place. We use only the finest dental equipment to make sure oral health outcomes are of a high standard. If you live Fortitude-Valley-way and need a dental filling, consider our local clinic as the best available! 


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